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I occasionally tweet new blog posts, but please note that I don’t always tweet every post I write. For that reason, if you want to follow everything posted on this blog, I recommend subscribing to the RSS feed and not relying solely on what gets posted to Twitter or signing up to follow the blog, which will result in new posts being emailed to you directly.

While my Twitter account is a personal, rather than professional account, I do use it more as a professional account in the sense that I seek out and follow accounts of people who tweet about issues and topics that have some bearing to my line of work. Similarly, I tend to tweet mostly links to articles, reports, etc., related to my professional area of interest. Consequently I am not interested in cluttering up my timeline with lots of tweets that have little professional appeal.

If you choose to follow my account on Twitter, I will generally reciprocate unless you engage in any of the following:

  1. Tweet excessively about topics I have little or no interest in;
  2. Regularly retweet individuals I have no interest in seeing in my timeline;
  3. Engage in excessive partisanship;
  4. Have a tendency to tweet in acronyms and text-speak. I don’t mean the usual shortening of words necessary to abide by Twitter’s 140-character limit, I mean if your tweets tend to mostly consist of replies such as “LOL!” etc.
  5. Use Twitter as the equivalent of Facebook. I hate Facebook.

I will share links that I find interesting. Tweeting or retweeting a link should not be considered an endorsement of the views expressed in that article. I may even strongly disagree with the views expressed – but still find the column worth reading. I do not tweet to comment on current political events, political parties or politicians, unless it is to correct something tweeted by another individual or to provide information someone else is looking for. I do not engage in partisan debate.