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Rebel with a whip

Author Julian Baggini wrote an op ed for the Guardian in which he calls on Jeremy Corbyn, should he, as expected, emerge as the winner of th [...]

Some final thoughts on the Reform Act

In my first post on the Reform Act, I addressed the proposal of allowing a caucus to implement a leadership review upon a petition of 15% of [...]

Parliamentary reform would work

In a recent article, Don Lenihan argues that parliamentary reform won’t “force a government to engage in meaningful debate” [...]

Legislating free votes

I have written a number of posts on that touch on the issue of whipped votes and MPs toeing the party line (for example, see here, here, her [...]

No backbench rebellions, please, we’re Canadians

There has been much media focus in the United Kingdom over the numerous government backbench rebellions among both Conservative and Liberal [...]

On toeing the party line: three-line whips

(Note: See this post for statistics on how often Canadian MPs vote with their party.) In an earlier post, I discussed how UK MPs tend to be [...]

On toeing the party line

There has been a fair bit of attention paid to the number of “rebellious” backbenchers in the current UK Parliament. By rebellio [...]

Whipped votes, free votes and representative democracy

In this post, I explained what representative democracy is: In countries with representative democracy, we elect people to a legislative bod [...]
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