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Parliamentary Privilege and Prayers in the House

Recently, in response to legal action brought by the National Secular Society, Britain’s High Court ruled that Bideford Town Council h [...]

The Financial Privilege of the House of Commons

A controversial bill overhauling the UK’s social benefits system suffered a number of defeats in the House of Lords as the upper chamb [...]

Keyword post: Some answers to search results

This post will provide answers to actual search engine queries that led people to this blog. None of these would really make a full blog pos [...]

Important Political Resources

I admit to being somewhat surprised by some of the keyword searches that bring people to this blog. It seems that too many people have no id [...]

Contempt of Parliament not a criminal offence

My attention was recently caught by a post on ProgressiveBloggers.ca asking if contempt of Parliament is a federal crime that can bar Prime [...]

On misleading the House

On 9 March 2011, the Speaker of the Canadian House of Commons delivered two rulings on matters of privilege raised by the opposition against [...]

Loose lips – Part 1

Business Secretary Vince Cable finds himself at the centre of a media storm today because of comments he made in a conversation with underco [...]

The jurisdiction of privilege

(Note: Not the information you’re looking for? I do try to help people as much as I can and regularly monitor key word activity on thi [...]
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