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Important Political Resources

I admit to being somewhat surprised by some of the keyword searches that bring people to this blog. It seems that too many people have no id [...]

Do looks matter at the ballot box?

A recent study conducted by Swedish and Finnish economists found that political candidates on the right-wing side of the spectrum were consi [...]

From awwwww to awe

I regularly come across pieces in the UK media that quite literally make me go “awwwww” and feel all warm and tingly inside, a c [...]

People like me

Class is still a much more prominent issue in the UK than it is in Canada and the US, not because we don’t have different classes in N [...]

Book Review: The High Road

Previously, I posted a brief review of  The Best Laid Plans, a novel by Terry Fallis. I’ve recently finished reading the sequel, The [...]

Book review: The Best Laid Plans

WARNING: Slight spoilers below. Also, The Best Laid Plans is a work of fiction. Eric Cameron is a fictional character. There has never been [...]

British Politics and Policy at LSE

I recently discovered an excellent blog produced by the London School of Economics and Political Science, entitled British Politics and Poli [...]

Musings on rep by pop

In countries with representative democracy, we elect people to a legislative body to represent us. The representatives form an independent r [...]

Loose cannon or plain speaker?

In a recent column, Con Coughlin asks if David Cameron becoming  the new Bush because of a series of foreign policy-related gaffes the Brit [...]

Rethinking political labels

Recently, on ConservativeHome, Tim Montgomerie blogged asking “What is Right-Wing?” Montgomerie admits to being less than satisf [...]
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