It’s important to have a cheer line

I certainly don’t plan on writing an analysis of PMQs every week, but when there is something noteworthy, I will make a point of, well, noting it. This week’s PMQs were noteworthy primarily for something that happened outside of PMQs. It seems Labour has sprung a leak. The Times got hold of an internal party memo on how Ed Miliband should handle PMQs. The Times is behind a paywall, so I can neither read the complete contents of the three-page memo, nor link you to the original story. Luckily, various other news sources have kindly cited some of the highlights of the memo. Those I will share with you. 1. The Big Prize. “The big prize is usually to provoke […]

PMQs Impressions: Cameron v. Miliband

In a previous post on Ed Miliband’s election as leader of the Labour Party, I noted that I couldn’t help but feel that David Cameron would wipe the floor with him during Prime Minister’s Questions. This impression was based primarily on my reaction to Miliband’s speech after the results were announced. I’d never heard him speak before, and I wasn’t very impressed. According to media reports, his keynote speech to end the party Conference was much better, but I didn’t hear that one. The first PMQs featuring Cameron v. Miliband occurred last week, on October 13 (link to Hansard transcript). And I have to say, much to my surprise, Miliband handled himself very well. In fact, he managed to rattle […]