More on the Labour leadership vote

A rather innocuous story in The Independent today caught my eye.  Ten percent of the ballots cast in the leadership vote were declared spoiled, the bulk of them being votes cast by members of the trade unions. That in itself was marginally interesting. What was far more interesting was learning that of the 375,000 total votes cast, the union vote represented 66% of that total (247,339). I know that it was the trade union vote that pushed Ed Miliband ahead of his brother David – David had more support than Ed among Labour MPs, MEPs and members; but what I didn’t know is that the union vote made up a majority of the total vote. I’m not British, so my […]

Labour leadership: follow-up

I was able to watch the results of the Labour Party’s leadership race thanks to the BBC livestreaming it on their website. Here are a few observations. When the candidates were introduced prior to the voting results being revealed, I thought David Miliband had won, given the hugely satisfied smile he wore. Ed Miliband, however, looked rather glum, which seemed to confirm my initial assumption. Either that or they were both very good actors. Of course, as we now know, David didn’t win, Ed did. I wasn’t the only person to think they did a good job of masking their reactions. The BBC had liveblogging to go along with the livestreaming, and I believe it was Nick Robinson who also […]

Obligatory post on the Labour leadership race

Tomorrow, we’ll find out who will be the new leader of the Labour party. The only real suspense is which Miliband brother will walk away with the top spot, David or Ed. I will admit that I’ve not been following the race that closely, for a couple of reasons. First, I’m not British, but even if I were, I doubt my natural inclination would be to vote Labour. I seem to be more of a Lib Dem at heart. My interest in UK political parties is primarily academic rather than personal. By that I mean, it doesn’t really matter to me which party (or parties) form the government, never mind who leads these parties. My interest is that of someone […]