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Some interesting links: rebel MPs, e-petitions, hung parliaments, and political disengagement

1. Rebels of the Chamber Isabel Hardman has a fascinating piece looking at some of the most rebellious backbench MPs in the UK House of Comm [...]

Some interesting links

1. The Big Society The Canadian media has recently been reporting that the current Conservative Government is considering emulating the UK C [...]

Some interesting links

This blog’s author is rather swamped at work these days, and so I will take this opportunity to share with you some recent links that [...]

Some interesting links

1. Time to salute the post-2010 election Parliament BBC parliamentary correspondent Mark D’Arcy has a good column providing an interes [...]

Some interesting links

1. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s appearance before the House of Lords Constitution Committee On 18 May 2011, UK Deputy PM Nick Cl [...]

Important Political Resources

I admit to being somewhat surprised by some of the keyword searches that bring people to this blog. It seems that too many people have no id [...]

Some interesting links

1. Constitutional and Political Reform: where does the Coalition go from here? Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg appeared before the Politica [...]

Some useful links for Canadian Voters

Here are some links that might help you make up your mind how to vote in the May 2 2011 election. I will update this post if/when I come acr [...]

More AV links for the interested

(Are you looking for information on how voting works under AV? Please see this post.) A very detailed post tackling the question “Is A [...]

Link sharing

I’d like to share a few links with readers. Everyone’s favourite elections expert from down under, Antony Green, is in the UK at [...]
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