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Political perceptions

As I have frequently written on this blog, I read a variety of British media, left and right. I tend to avoid the tabloid press unless some [...]

Contrasting approaches to maternal health

Earlier this year, as hosts of the G8, Canada’s Conservative government pledged to make maternal and child health in developing nation [...]

New progressives

I apologize for my prolonged absence from blogging. As sometimes happens, real life events intervened in such a way that I simply was not ab [...]

Political Bias and Perception

We all know (I hope) that our political biases colour how we view things. For example, someone with very conservative, right-wing views read [...]

Rethinking political labels

Recently, on ConservativeHome, Tim Montgomerie blogged asking “What is Right-Wing?” Montgomerie admits to being less than satisf [...]

Progressively confusing

I used to have a blog called Vues d’ici, in which I mostly blogged about various aspects of Canadian politics. A few posts were differ [...]

Political Realignment

This post comes with a huge caveat: I am not an expert on UK politics. I do have a general sense of the parties, but I don’t follow go [...]
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