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Rethinking hung parliament outcomes

With a little less than five months to go until the next UK general election in May 2015, the general consensus amongst pundits and pollster [...]

The situation of Parliament during a prolonged period of political crisis

I have previously written about the convention of caretaker government here, and here. That convention holds that during an election campaig [...]

Keyword Post: Answers to Questions on Election Outcomes

Following the recent election in the Canadian province of Ontario, I can see that there are a lot of people searching for very basic informa [...]

Understanding government formation

There is some confusion in Canada (and elsewhere) as to how government formation occurs following a general election, particularly when an e [...]

On responsible media

In the lead-up to the May 2010 United Kingdom general election, opinion polls showed that in all likelihood, the election would result in a [...]

Minority assumptions

At the outset of the most recent Canadian federal election campaign in March of this year, I wrote a post addressing how the concept of coal [...]

Keyword Post: Types of Government

There have been various queries in my keyword search activity from people looking for explanations of minority vs. coalition vs majority gov [...]

The curious matter of cabinet formation

“If we believe in democracy, surely the essence of parliamentary democracy is rule by amateurs, and most governments prove that. We ca [...]

The 1985 Liberal-NDP Accord

(Note: if you’re looking for information about what types of government might emerge following a hung (minority) parliament election r [...]

It’s all in the nomenclature

Fellow bloggers have probably had this happen to them in the past: you read an article, blog on some aspect of it, then notice something els [...]
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