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Pondering AV in Canada

With the debate on switching to the Alternative Vote (AV) heating up in the UK as the date of the referendum draws ever nearer, I have been [...]

The Alternative Vote explained

h/t to Solution Focused Politics for linking to this video: There’s another one explaining the problems with FPTP:   Related Post [...]

Elections are about consent

After reading this article in the Guardian, Will anyone vote for AV in the electoral reform referendum?, I started to read the reader commen [...]

The party leaders and the AV campaign

The UK Av referendum campaign is in full swing now, as the May 5 vote date creeps ever closer. Labour leader Ed Miliband and Liberal Democra [...]

Reasons for voting Yes or No to AV

The UK referendum on adopting the Alternative Vote (AV) is fast approaching, with the vote taking place on 5 May, 2011. What I have been fin [...]

AV does not cause hung parliaments

While I have resisted blogging about them, I have been regularly reading a variety of columns and articles on the May referendum on the Alte [...]

More thoughts on AV from down under

(Note: Not the information you’re looking for? I do try to help people as much as I can and regularly monitor key word activity on thi [...]

If FPTP is so great…

The referendum campaign on the Alternative Vote is in full swing in the UK. A recent poll showed the yes side with a 10 point lead (40% for, [...]

Mentioning Canada wasn’t a good idea

I’ve been looking over the No to AV website this morning, and had a good laugh when I read their section on why FPTP is better than AV [...]

Worst of both worlds

As the pro- and anti-AV campaigns in the UK properly get underway with the launch of websites (the Yes side here, the No side here) in antic [...]
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