Overwhelming support for electoral reform – in the UK

A ComRes poll for The Independent released today finds that almost 80% of voters in the United Kingdom support replacing First-Past-the-Post (FPTP) with a “system that reflects more accurately the proportion of votes cast for each party”. Only 18% disagreed. As well, support for changing the electoral system was strong across party lines. Unsurprisingly, support was strongest among Liberal Democrat supporters, 88%, followed by 83% support among Labour voters. Electoral reform has long been a keystone of the Lib Dem platform, and Gordon Brown’s Labour government had started making some noises in favour of electoral reform last year. What is most surprising – and very encouraging – is that 71% of Tory supporters also agreed that FPTP should be replaced. […]

Political Realignment

This post comes with a huge caveat: I am not an expert on UK politics. I do have a general sense of the parties, but I don’t follow goings-on in the United Kingdom very closely. Or rather, I haven’t until this most recent election. Consequently, some of what I say here may be very simplistic – if not simply wrong – and if anyone who is better versed in UK politics wishes to correct some aspect of this post, I would welcome that. I have been reading, repeatedly, in recent columns and op-ed pieces in the UK papers, that with this coalition of the Conservative and Liberal Democratic parties, we may be witnessing something greater than a pragmatic arrangement between […]