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Do we need a Peoples’ PMQs?

UK Labour Party leader Ed Miliband recently floated the idea of a weekly “public question time” where an audience representative [...]

Coalition government is not a marriage

On 7 January 2012, Conservative Party leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat Party leader Nick Clegg held a joint press conference, which [...]

Some interesting links

This blog’s author is rather swamped at work these days, and so I will take this opportunity to share with you some recent links that [...]

Coalition Works!

Media speculation in the UK over the health of the coalition began quite literally the day the agreement between the Conservatives and Liber [...]

Link sharing

I’d like to share a few links with readers. Everyone’s favourite elections expert from down under, Antony Green, is in the UK at [...]

Watch those open mics

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Prime Minister David Cameron were in Nottingham promoting the government’s budget. During a round [...]

Media agendas?

I can’t help but comment about one of the oddest examples of pointless editorial commentary I’ve ever come across. Yesterday, wh [...]

Not the best, but somewhat trusted

I haven’t blogged about the myriad of opinion poll which appear pretty much weekly in the UK because I don’t think polls conduct [...]

Fall Guy

In the slew of opinion pieces and analysis that followed the by-election in Oldham East and Saddleworth, two in particular caught my eye, bu [...]

New progressives

I apologize for my prolonged absence from blogging. As sometimes happens, real life events intervened in such a way that I simply was not ab [...]
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