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Some interesting links

1. Constitutional and Political Reform: where does the Coalition go from here? Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg appeared before the Politica [...]

Fixed-term Parliaments – Addendum

A comment on my earlier post suggesting that the reason why the Lords defeated the Fixed-Term Parliaments Bill was because fixed-term parlia [...]

Fixed-term Parliaments Bill – update

(Note: this post was written back in May 2011. The Fixed-term Parliaments Bill received Royal Assent on 15 September 2011. When looking for [...]

How the AV referendum killed the republican movement

In an earlier post, I wrote that referendums aren’t very useful means of deciding key policy issues and that the entire referendum cam [...]

On Filibusters

The Coalition government’s Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill has hit somewhat of an impasse in the House of Lords. S [...]

More UK Committee links

I am continuing to follow the hearings of both the House of Lords’ Constitution Committee and the House of Commons’ Political an [...]

Inquiry into government and coalition formation

The UK House of Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Committee has decided that it will look into how the current Coalition Governmen [...]

British Politics and Policy at LSE

I recently discovered an excellent blog produced by the London School of Economics and Political Science, entitled British Politics and Poli [...]

Thoughts on the monarchy

While campaigning during the course of a general election campaign in Australia, Prime Minister and Labor Party leader Julia Gillard stated: [...]

The only good reform is no reform

Opposition to the various political reforms announced earlier this week in the United Kingdom is quite varied. Most of it focuses on the pro [...]
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