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On the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee

It is without exaggeration that I write that I was quite saddened to learn today that my favourite UK House of Commons Select Committee, The [...]

Canada’s Royal Succession Bill

In 2011, at a meeting of the Commonwealth Heads of Government held in Perth, Australia, the 16 countries which have Queen Elizabeth as their [...]

Coalition government is not a marriage

On 7 January 2012, Conservative Party leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat Party leader Nick Clegg held a joint press conference, which [...]

Why a referendum on Lords reform is a bad idea

On 23 April 2012, the Joint Select Committee reviewing the Government’s Draft House of Lords Reform Bill released its report. Real lif [...]

The Primacy of the Commons and Lords Reform

As I have previously written, the UK Government has brought forward a draft bill on reforming the House of Lords. A Joint Select Committee & [...]

Some Interesting Links

Blogging has been and will continue to be rather light over the next few weeks due to other pressing demands that arise during the holiday s [...]

Some interesting links

1. The Big Society The Canadian media has recently been reporting that the current Conservative Government is considering emulating the UK C [...]

Initial thoughts on the Lords’ Reform proposals

Having had some time to consider the Coalition Government’s White Paper on reforming the House of Lords, I do see a few potential issu [...]

Justifying constitutional change

Today’s Quote of the day, from Telegraph columnist John McTernan, starts off “Constitutional reform is a waste of time, pure and [...]

Reforming the House of Lords

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg delivered a ministerial statement today outlining the Coalition’s plans for reform of the House of Lo [...]
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