More on how AV really works

ABC election blogger Antony Green is at it again, with two more posts attacking the false information being spread about AV in general and AV in Australia by the NO2AV side in the UK referendum on the issue. In a post from March 6, Green reveals the secrets of how AV is counted in Australia. Surprise! Their “vote counting machines” look amazingly human. It’s his second post, also from March 6, which is more interesting (to me anyway since I know Australia doesn’t use vote counting machines and so don’t need more articles proving that reality). In “How AV builds a majority for a candidate“, Green addresses one of the major failings of FPTP – that someone can be elected […]

More thoughts on AV from down under

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It’s going to be a long 10 weeks

It is not my intention to write about every idiotic anti-AV column that appears during the next ten weeks leading up to the referendum vote in May. For the most part, I’ve addressed the main arguments put forward against AV in previous posts. That said, when something particularly mind-boggling appears, I do feel a duty to comment on it. Case in point was this “debate” in the Guardian between pro-AV Conservative John Stafford and anti-AV Labour MP Margaret Beckett. Beckett’s arguments, such as they are, against AV aren’t any better than anyone else’s that have appeared in print of late, but one exchange in particular absolutely astounded me: John Stafford: There is a balance, I accept that, between the systems. […]

If FPTP is so great…

The referendum campaign on the Alternative Vote is in full swing in the UK. A recent poll showed the yes side with a 10 point lead (40% for, 30% against), but a large number of undecideds (30%) could easily nullify that. While anyone who favours true electoral reform is bound to be less than enthusiastic about AV, given that it is not proportional and only marginally fairer than FPTP, many are still supporting it because they hope it might be a stepping stone towards true proportional representation. What is certain for many is that if the AV referendum fails, it is doubtful that another opportunity to vote on electoral reform will come by any time soon. The Yes side is […]