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Reasons for voting Yes or No to AV

The UK referendum on adopting the Alternative Vote (AV) is fast approaching, with the vote taking place on 5 May, 2011. What I have been fin [...]

Facts, not fears

As regular readers of this blog know well by now, I follow politics in the UK as well as in Canada, with admittedly more interest in what [...]

AV does not cause hung parliaments

While I have resisted blogging about them, I have been regularly reading a variety of columns and articles on the May referendum on the Alte [...]

Lost in the tsunami

While the letter from the anti-AV historians garnered a fair bit of media attention last week, a second letter that appeared in the Telegrap [...]

Misguided historians on AV

This morning, over on ConservativeHome, I read about this sadly misguided effort by a group of prominent British historians who’ve com [...]

More on how AV really works

ABC election blogger Antony Green is at it again, with two more posts attacking the false information being spread about AV in general and A [...]

More thoughts on AV from down under

(Note: Not the information you’re looking for? I do try to help people as much as I can and regularly monitor key word activity on thi [...]

It’s going to be a long 10 weeks

It is not my intention to write about every idiotic anti-AV column that appears during the next ten weeks leading up to the referendum vote [...]

If FPTP is so great…

The referendum campaign on the Alternative Vote is in full swing in the UK. A recent poll showed the yes side with a 10 point lead (40% for, [...]
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