Quote of the day

Parties of the Left have a genetic tendency, deep in their DNA, to cling to an analysis that they lose because the Leadership is insufficien [...]

Quote of the day

The suggestion that democracy can somehow exist without elections reminded me that there is a fundamental principle at stake here—a basic [...]

On giving way

In the Canadian House of Commons, during any debate, each Member of Parliament (MP) who rises to speak does so uninterrupted for a pre-deter [...]

Reasons for not voting in the May 2011 election

Declining voter turnout is a problem confronting many democracies. In the most recent federal general election in Canada (May 2011), voter t [...]

Ministerial responsibility

Ministerial responsibility takes two forms — collective cabinet responsibility (or ‘cabinet solidarity’) and individual minist [...]

Quote of the day

Whatever our personal views, we should frankly recognize that these proposals were put before the country at the recent General Election and [...]

Quote of the day

Canada so often searches for a way to define itself but it is, as Andrew Cohen wrote, “a nation of amnesiacs“, who year after ye [...]

What’s what in Parliament: the Bar of the House

On April 17, 2002, angry with the outcome of a vote on his private Member’s bill, a Canadian Member of Parliament grabbed hold of the Mace [...]

Quote of the day

To those who say that an elected House of Lords will be stronger, I reply, “Good.” It will be good for the House of Commons and [...]

Members leaving the House

As similar as are the UK and Canadian parliamentary systems, there are some very interesting differences. One of these is the fact that Brit [...]
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