Members leaving the House

As similar as are the UK and Canadian parliamentary systems, there are some very interesting differences. One of these is the fact that Brit [...]

Quote of the day

If a Second Chamber dissents from the First, it is mischievous; if it agrees, it is superfluous. – Abbé Sieyès as quoted in S.D. Bai [...]

On debating bills (Canada)

(Note: this post is not intended as a detailed explanation of the legislative process. For an explanation of how a bill becomes law (in Cana [...]

Quote of the day

The Senate has been very severely criticized for its action … If we enact legislation speedily, we are called rubber stamps. If we exe [...]

Quote of the day

Those are the arguments that were put forward against the 1832 Act, the 1867 Act, the 1911 Act-every single reform that we have ever had-and [...]

Quote of the day

I may just be a little council house lad from a very poor background but that background gives me a backbone, it gives me a thick skin and I [...]

Filibusters in the House of Commons, part 2

In my first post on this topic, I explained that filibusters are very rare in the Canadian House of Commons because various rules have been [...]

Quote of the day

Something sad has happened when the media consensus can unite with ill-placed self-righteousness, not only temporarily to overwhelm logic bu [...]

Initial thoughts on the Senate Reform Bill

Canada’s Conservative government introduced its legislation to reform the Canada Senate. There are some interesting parallels with the [...]

Quote of the day

The authority of the Chair is no greater than the House wants it to be. When the rules are clear and offer precise guidance to the Speaker, [...]
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