Electoral Boundary Reform – Canada

The proposed UK electoral boundary changes officially made public today are a major topic of debate. The Coalition Government proposed reduc [...]

Some interesting numbers

During Questions to the Leader of the House on 8 September, a few interesting statistics were made available. First, in response to a questi [...]

Politics, privacy and public disclosure

Recently, the Leader of the Official Opposition in Canada, Jack Layton, passed away from cancer. At the outset of the election campaign in M [...]

Will MPs rebel over boundary reforms?

Since day one back in May 2010, the UK media has made predicting the break-up of the coalition a favourite hobby. Indeed, almost every contr [...]

The Backbench Business Committee on e-petitions

As readers may know, part of the plan when the UK Government launched its new e-petitions scheme this summer was that a petition which garne [...]

What’s what in Parliament: The Standing Orders

The Standing Orders are the written rules under which a Parliament conducts its business. They regulate the way Members behave, Bills are pr [...]

HM e-petitions: clarifying misconceptions

Fiona Mactaggart (Slough) (Lab): But does the Minister agree with the Daily Mail, which says that this amounts to an e-petition con? The Gov [...]

Some interesting links

This blog’s author is rather swamped at work these days, and so I will take this opportunity to share with you some recent links that [...]

Quote of the day

It’s difficult if you talk about faith in our political system. Frankly, people do think you’re a nutter. - Former UK Prime Mini [...]

On party financing

A debate is looming in the United Kingdom concerning the issue of funding for political parties. There have been attempts in the past to add [...]
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