On party membership

I read a very interesting piece on declining membership in political parties in the United Kingdom. The numbers are rather astounding. Accor [...]

Speaker Bercow and accusations of bias

British House of Commons Speaker John Bercow annoys many MPs. There have been a rash of articles over the course of the past year hinting at [...]

Quote of the day

Create a society that values material things above all else. Strip it of industry. Raise taxes for the poor and reduce them for the rich and [...]

On Members’ attire

Robert Flello (Stoke-on-Trent South) (Lab): I pay tribute to all the public sector workers we rely on time and time again, and in particular [...]

Recalling Parliament

Most parliaments follow a parliamentary calendar, which provides a fixed timetable of sittings and adjournments for a full calendar year. On [...]

Quote of the day

Of an apartment-building manager who had killed himself I was told that he had lost his daughter five years before, that he had changed grea [...]

Quote of the day

Affluence creates poverty. - Marshall McLuhan Related Posts:No Related Posts [...]

Quote of the day

I do not deny that society has the right to punish a criminal, and the right to make the punishment fit the crime, but to kill a man for pun [...]

Quote of the day

I am an instinctive libertarian who abhors state prohibitions and tends to be sceptical of most government action, whether targeted against [...]

Reactions to e-petitions

The reaction to the UK Government’s introduction of a new e-petitions initiative has been quite interesting. You can read my original [...]
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