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Electoral reform – not hot with Canadians but still worth pursuing

Canada’s federal Liberal Party is currently in the midst of a leadership race. During a debate held on 19 January 2012, the issue of e [...]

Preferential voting isn’t the solution some think it might be

There have been a growing number of columns and articles in various Canadian media over the past few months bemoaning the state of our parli [...]

Coalition government is not a marriage

On 7 January 2012, Conservative Party leader David Cameron and Liberal Democrat Party leader Nick Clegg held a joint press conference, which [...]

Election Watch 2013

There will be some noteworthy elections coming up in 2013. AUSTRALIA Unlike most parliaments in the UK and Canada, which normally last 4 to [...]

The Politics of Coalition: the video

In support of their book, The Politics of Coalition: How the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Government Works, which was published in June 201 [...]

The length of two swords

Recently, the brilliant UK actor Philip Glenister (Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, State of Play, Mad Dogs, Hidden, etc.) was interviewed on t [...]

On the decline of Statements by Members

From the Canadian House of Commons Standing Orders: 31.  A Member may be recognized, under the provisions of Standing Order 30(5), to make [...]

E-petitions with 10,000 signatures will now get a response

In a written ministerial statement, Leader of the House, the Rt. Hon. Andrew Lansley announced that any e-petition which received 10,000 or [...]

Why Maher is wrong on Senate Reform

A recent column by Postmedia’s Stephen Maher argues that recent scandals involving senators might spur forward attempts to reform the [...]

E-petitions prove to be popular in their first year

A year after the launch of its e-petition site, the UK Government has released some interesting data which gives some idea of the popularity [...]
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