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On Senate Reform

(For an analysis of the proposed Canadian Senate reform bill, click here.) The Coalition Government has pledged to reform the House of Lords [...]

United We Stand?

I am working on a couple of actual blog posts, but in the interim, I thought I would recommend the following report. United We Stand? Coalit [...]

Revisiting the Fixed-Term Parliaments Bill

Last month, Dr Malcolm Jack, Clerk of the House of Commons, gave evidence before the House of Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Co [...]

Cameron’s conference speech

I watched most of David Cameron’s keynote speech at the Conservative Party Conference today. I was at work at the time, so did miss bi [...]

Even more on AV

Conservative MP Douglas Carswell is the exception to the rule that the UK Conservatives oppose any sort of electoral reform. Mr. Carswell, a [...]

More on AV

Via Mark D’Arcy’s blog on the BBC website, I learned of a study published in the Hansard Society’s Journal Parliamentary A [...]

Party conferences: UK vs Canada

Party conferences seem to be a Big Deal in the UK. I mean, it’s actually called “Conference season” and parliament even sh [...]

More on the Labour leadership vote

A rather innocuous story in The Independent today caught my eye.  Ten percent of the ballots cast in the leadership vote were declared spoi [...]

Labour leadership: follow-up

I was able to watch the results of the Labour Party’s leadership race thanks to the BBC livestreaming it on their website. Here are a [...]

Obligatory post on the Labour leadership race

Tomorrow, we’ll find out who will be the new leader of the Labour party. The only real suspense is which Miliband brother will walk aw [...]
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