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Book Review: The High Road

Previously, I posted a brief review of  The Best Laid Plans, a novel by Terry Fallis. I’ve recently finished reading the sequel, The [...]

On Senate Reform

(For an analysis of the proposed Canadian Senate reform bill, click here.) The Coalition Government has pledged to reform the House of Lords [...]

United We Stand?

I am working on a couple of actual blog posts, but in the interim, I thought I would recommend the following report. United We Stand? Coalit [...]

Revisiting the Fixed-Term Parliaments Bill

Last month, Dr Malcolm Jack, Clerk of the House of Commons, gave evidence before the House of Commons Political and Constitutional Reform Co [...]

Cameron’s conference speech

I watched most of David Cameron’s keynote speech at the Conservative Party Conference today. I was at work at the time, so did miss bi [...]

Even more on AV

Conservative MP Douglas Carswell is the exception to the rule that the UK Conservatives oppose any sort of electoral reform. Mr. Carswell, a [...]

More on AV

Via Mark D’Arcy’s blog on the BBC website, I learned of a study published in the Hansard Society’s Journal Parliamentary A [...]

Party conferences: UK vs Canada

Party conferences seem to be a Big Deal in the UK. I mean, it’s actually called “Conference season” and parliament even sh [...]

More on the Labour leadership vote

A rather innocuous story in The Independent today caught my eye.  Ten percent of the ballots cast in the leadership vote were declared spoi [...]

Labour leadership: follow-up

I was able to watch the results of the Labour Party’s leadership race thanks to the BBC livestreaming it on their website. Here are a [...]
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