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Loose lips – Part 2

In this post, I looked at the issue of whether Vince Cable’s parliamentary privileges were breached. In that post, I agreed with Micha [...]

By-election discontentment

For the past few weeks, there has been a very interesting discussion about the nature and future of the UK Conservative Party. It was spearh [...]

Defined by coalition

What is it about the possibility or reality of a coalition government that makes some politicians in Westminister-style parliamentary system [...]

So much for a mature debate

Yesterday, former Labour Home Secretary Bob Ainsworth admitted what most, including a good number of  law enforcement officials around the [...]

The politics of music

There’s a been a bit of a kerfuffle in the UK recently over PM David Cameron’s right to like certain artists. Cameron, being you [...]

The comfort of perpetual opposition

I’ve been slowly (very slowly) reading Tony Blair’s memoir. I will admit that I found it very slow to get into, but once past th [...]

On broken campaign promises

I’ve written about recall legislation previously. Speaking personally, I am not convinced that it is either necessary or a good idea. [...]

New progressives

I apologize for my prolonged absence from blogging. As sometimes happens, real life events intervened in such a way that I simply was not ab [...]

Political Bias and Perception

We all know (I hope) that our political biases colour how we view things. For example, someone with very conservative, right-wing views read [...]

The Woolas ruling

On 5 November 2010, a Labour MP and former minister, Phil Woolas, was stripped of his seat and barred from running for public office for thr [...]
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