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New progressives

I apologize for my prolonged absence from blogging. As sometimes happens, real life events intervened in such a way that I simply was not ab [...]

Political Bias and Perception

We all know (I hope) that our political biases colour how we view things. For example, someone with very conservative, right-wing views read [...]

The Woolas ruling

On 5 November 2010, a Labour MP and former minister, Phil Woolas, was stripped of his seat and barred from running for public office for thr [...]

Prisoners and the right to vote

One hotly debated topic in the UK right now is the right of prisoners to vote. Currently, in the UK, prisoners don’t have the right to [...]

What if they threw an AV election and everyone FPTP’d?

(Are you looking for information on how voting works under AV? Please see this post.) While there continues to be a regular stream of articl [...]

It’s important to have a cheer line

I certainly don’t plan on writing an analysis of PMQs every week, but when there is something noteworthy, I will make a point of, well [...]

More UK Committee links

I am continuing to follow the hearings of both the House of Lords’ Constitution Committee and the House of Commons’ Political an [...]

PMQs Impressions: Cameron v. Miliband

In a previous post on Ed Miliband’s election as leader of the Labour Party, I noted that I couldn’t help but feel that David Cam [...]

Fixed-term parliaments

I am rather busy these days and so don’t have the luxury of time to work on an original post, so please forgive me for spamming you wi [...]

Lessons on the process of government formation

I previously posted that the UK”s Political and Constitutional Reform Committee would begin an ad hoc review into the process of gover [...]
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