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Coalition Street or Parliament Hill Street Blues?

There is an interesting article on the BBC website discussing the dearth of British political dramas on television. Inspired by the airing o [...]

The debate on Scotland indepedence heats up

Debate on the issue of independence for Scotland has heated up again this past week in the United Kingdom. On Tuesday (10 January), the Gove [...]

On candidate selection

Recently, a Canadian Member of Parliament elected as a member of the New Democratic Party (NDP) from the province of Quebec announced that s [...]

No backbench rebellions, please, we’re Canadians

There has been much media focus in the United Kingdom over the numerous government backbench rebellions among both Conservative and Liberal [...]

Recall of MPs draft bill: some concerns

The UK Coalition government has presented to Parliament a draft bill on the recall of MPs. As I have previously written, there is currently [...]

Some Interesting Links

Blogging has been and will continue to be rather light over the next few weeks due to other pressing demands that arise during the holiday s [...]

Thoughts on “Saving the House of Commons”

Aaron Wherry of Canada’s Maclean’s magazine recently wrote a blog post proposing a series of reforms to “save” the H [...]

Christina Blizzard doesn’t get coalition

I was hoping, in the wake of the formation of the UK Coalition government in 2010, that Canadian political journalists and columnists would [...]

Youth Voter Participation in the May 2011 Canada General Election

In an earlier post, I looked at the main reasons put forward by the 7.5 million eligible voters who did not cast ballots in the May 2011 ele [...]

On floor crossing

There was a debate in the UK House of Commons today on a ten minute rule bill which would require MPs who switch parties to resign their sea [...]
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