Comment system changed

This blog is now using Disqus for its comments. If you want to post a comment, you will have to sign up with Disqus, if you don’t already have a profile with them. This is a very simple procedure, and has many benefits. The advantages of Disqus are many: Claim your comments: Now you can easily verify your comments on thousands of sites. Build a reputation as a star commenter all across the web, while preventing impersonators from taking credit. Multiple Identities: Connect identities like Facebook and Twitter under a single account, then comment using the power of all your social profiles. Now, it’s also dead simple to auto-share your comments to existing friends and networks. Take back control: Regret […]

Mr. Speaker, Part 2

Things you learn by accident. The UK Parliament website includes the recent election results for each MP on their individual page. Looking up British House of Commons Speaker John Bercow’s MP page, I noticed something interesting. None of the major parties ran a candidate against him. Also, Bercow’s party affiliation was listed simply as “Speaker”. The reason for this is explained in The House of Commons Procedure and Practice: By the mid-1800s and the tenure of Speaker Shaw-Lefevre (1839-57), the principle of Speakers abstaining from all political activity had become established. Throughout the nineteenth century and into the twentieth, the House modified its rules to invest the Speaker with considerable authority to curtail obstruction and disorder, thereby firmly entrenching the […]