Canada Votes October 2015

This blog has been getting quite a few hits lately from people looking for information about the platforms of the federal parties contesting the October 19 2015 Canadian general election.

During past election campaigns, one or more media sources have, at some point, produced a handy comparative chart outlining each party’s stance on various issues. I expect that once the parties have released their manifestos, someone out there will produce a comparative chart. I will also provide links to other useful resources. This post will be updated throughout the campaign period, whenever something useful comes to my attention.

Platform Comparisons

From the National Post: Everything you need to know about the parties’ platforms

The Toronto Sun compares party stances on some key issues here.

The Canadian Nurses Association asked each party where they stood on key issues affecting healthcare.

The Toronto Star’s Political Party Pledge Tracker.

The Globe and Mail compares the parties’ economic platforms.

How to vote

If you’re not sure which party to vote for, you can try taking the Canada Election Quiz.
Try Maclean’s Policy Face-off Machine.
CBC’s Vote Compass is another how to vote tool you can try.

Election Resources

Elections Canada Voters’ Homepage — everything you need to know about how to vote and where to vote, who’s running in your riding, if you’re registered to vote, how to register if you’re not, and much more.




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