Alberta 2015 General Election Political Party Platform Comparisons

Many people are looking for a site comparing the platforms of the political parties contesting the upcoming Alberta provincial election (5 May 2015).

This blog cannot engage in a discussion of the policies of political parties, either at the provincial or federal level. However, it can refer you to other sites that can do that, and more. This page will be updated as needed more information becomes available, so check back regularly.

Alberta Political Party Platform comparisons

Vote Compass – Alberta Votes 2015: Vote Compass is an educational tool developed by political scientists. Answer a short series of questions to discover how you fit in the Alberta political landscape.

ab has a helpful comparison of party positions on key issues.

Note: to fully compare the party platforms, your best option is still to read each party’s manifesto, available on their website (note – the NDP don’t have their manifestos available yet, these links will be updated when that information is available):

Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta
Wildrose Party
Alberta Liberal Party
Alberta NDP
Alberta Party
Green Party of Alberta

Other Resources

Elections Alberta – your first stop for everything related to voting and elections in Alberta.


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  • Tyler

    Another informative website!!

    • Radical Centrist

      Thanks! Have added a link to the site’s Party Stances page. That’s what most people are looking for — platform comparisons.

  • Kayle

    PC platform is now up, NDP now the only one with no info. However, Liberals only have their policy book available, so party platform will be replacing that when it’s made public.

    • Radical Centrist

      Thank you for that update! I’ve made the change in the post.

      • Kayle

        No problem, and as of now ALL party platforms are up and party stances are all updated as well. Thank you.

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