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Twitter has “Follow Fridays” (#FF) where users can recommend to their followers other Twitter accounts worth following. I’ve decided to start promoting certain Twitter accounts here, since not everyone follows this blog on Twitter, and I can better explain why I think some people are worth following.

Many people dismiss Twitter because of the 140 character limit; this makes it impossible to actually discuss or debate anything of substance. It is a challenge, but I have been surprised by how many fairly detailed discussions of complex subjects such as the royal prerogative and Canada’s succession laws actually occur – if you follow the right people. This brings me to my first round of Twitter follow recommendations.

Canadian Constitutional/procedural expertise

Philipe Lagassé (@pmlagasse) is associate professor of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa and a senior fellow with the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute. His research focuses on Canadian defence policy and politics, civil-military relations in Westminster democracies, machinery of government related to foreign policy and national security affairs, and the nature and scope of executive power in the Westminster tradition. Apart from Twitter, Lagassé maintains a blog, Thoughts on the Crown in Canada, which is also worth bookmarking.

Mark D. Jarvis (@markdjarvis) is a doctoral candidate at the School of Public Administration at the University of Victoria in Canada. His research investigates how individual public servants are held to account for their day-to-day work within national-level bureaucracies, comparing Canada, Australia and the Netherlands. He is one of the co-authors/editors of Democratizing the Constitution: Modernizing Government Accountability.

Thomas Hall (@ThomasHall17) is a retired Canadian House of Commons procedural clerk and self-described Constitution nerd. He can be trusted to chime in on discussions of parliamentary procedure and other related topics.

Canadian political/parliamentary journalists/commentators

Aaron Wherry (@aaronwherry) is the Parliamentary reporter with Maclean’s magazine. I frequently link to his Macleans articles in my blog posts. I don’t always agree with him (for example, he is wrong about abolishing the Senate), but his insights on key issues facing Canada’s parliament are always worth reading.

Kady O’Malley (@kady) is a Canadian journalist covering Parliament Hill. Formerly with the Hill Times and then Maclean’s magazine, she currently works for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. O’Malley regularly liveblogs House of Commons proceedings – especially committee meetings and blogs on the CBC website.

(Disclaimer: these and future recommendations are not intended to signal that I completely agree with or endorse everything written by the above individuals – on Twitter or elsewhere.  They are very knowledgeable individuals and contribute to political debate – whether you agree with them or not.)

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