Quebec 2012 Political Party Platform Comparisons

As was the case during last year’s federal election in Canada, and the many provincial elections held since, many people are now looking for a site comparing the platforms of the political parties contesting the upcoming Quebec provincial election (4 September 2012).

This blog cannot engage in a discussion of the policies of political parties, either at the provincial or federal level. However, as was the case this spring, it can refer you to other sites that can do that. I will update this list as needed.

Quebec Political Party Platform comparisons/Comparaisons des plateformes électorales des partis politiques du Québec:

Vote Compass – Quebec votes 2012: Vote Compass is an educational tool developed by political scientists. Answer a short series of questions to discover how you fit in the Quebec political landscape.

Boussole électorale Québec 2012: Vote Compass en français.

Other resources/autres ressources:

Petit guide de l’électeur (Voters’ guide – in French only)

Quebec parties and social media (en anglais)

20 affirmations vérifiées (French only)

Twitter hashtags (these appear to be the most common hashtags currently being used): #qc2012, #polqc, #PQ, #PLQ, #QS, #CAQ, #ON,#PV

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