Would you like to help with some research?

I am trying to write a post comparing the websites of various parliaments, namely those of Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. However, I use these sites regularly as part of my work, and so it is fairly easy for me to find what I need to find on these websites. I am interested in trying to assess how easily other people can find specific information on each of the four websites.

If you are interested in helping out with this, please reply using the Contact Form or by emailing me. I will then email you a list of questions asking you to find specific information on each country’s parliamentary website. The questions are fairly similar for each parliament, e.g. you will be asked to find the contact information of a specific member of parliament, the current status of a certain bill, etc. but there will be one question which will be unique to that specific website. There are eight questions in total for each site, and I would ask that you try to find the answer to each one (for a total of 32 questions). How long this might take you will depend on how easily you can navigate each website to find the information.

Complete instructions will accompany the questionnaire.

Thank you!

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