Some interesting links

1. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s appearance before the House of Lords Constitution Committee

On 18 May 2011, UK Deputy PM Nick Clegg appeared before the Lords Select Constitution Committee to discuss issues such as the AV referendum aftermath, Lords reform and other constitutional matters. You can watch that session here.

2. Role and Powers of the Prime Minister

The UK Commons Select Committee on Political and Constitutional Reform is currently conducting an inquiry into the Role and Powers of the Prime Minister. They’ve published on volume of written evidence, and one submission stood out for me, a paper by the Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield, FBA, Attlee Professor of Contemporary History, School of History, Queen Mary, University of London, which looks at the functions of the Prime Minister as they have evolved from 1947, 2005, to 2011.  The list has grown from 12 items in 1947 to 47 today.

3. Parliament’s role in conflict decision

The UK Commons Select Committee on Political and Constitutional Reform looked into the matter of the role of Parliament in decisions to commit British forces to armed conflict abroad. You can read their final report here (HTML version) or here for the PDF.

4. Antony’s Green Australian State Election Archive

For anyone interested in all things electoral from Australia, elections expert Antony Green has been engaging in an archiving project of his collection of electoral material. The material available concerns Australian state electoral publications. You can access the archive here.

5. Up a gum tree

I’d linked to this Financial Times article in a post about Australia’s Question Time, but feel it warrants another plug. In this lengthy piece, Matthew Engel looks at how Australia’s hung parliament is working – or rather, not working.

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